Lazarus Douvos is an Internationally renowned hair stylist who has been perfecting the technique of hair design and styling for three decades. The incomparable and critical combination of innate talent, dedication, and relentless hard work has enabled Douvos to perfect his vocation to the highest level of artistic design. He has held an apical position in the field of hair design for many years, winning the admiration and dedication of celebrity patrons and fashion industry VIP's alike. 

Beginning as a stylist for some of Melbourne Australia's most successful salons, including Rakis, Douvos found his niche in designing hair for high-end fashion photography shoots, demonstrations, seminars and creative directing. In the early 90's Douvos was introduced into the world of European high fashion hair styling, working exclusively as a senior stylist and consultant for the houses of Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy. 

After establishing himself in Florence, Douvos returned to Melbourne to open his own salon. His salon was recognized by many as the most successful one of its kind in Australia.  During this time, he gave back to the world of hair design as a mentor and educator for young stylists. 

In 2009, Douvos crossed the globe to land in New York, an unchartered territory.  His introduction to New York hair design commenced with a 3 month locum as the personal stylist for the fashion doyenne and Hollywood celebrity Joan Rivers.  Douvos went on to work as a master stylist for the acclaimed hairdresser, Garren. During this invaluable period in Douvos career, he created impeccable manes for Vogue magazine, styled Emperor of fashion, Hamish Bowles and assisted Garren with Calvin Klein fashion shows.  

Without any reservation it can be stated undeniably that Douvos is an innovator and leader in the field of hair styling.  Currently Douvos is an in-demand stylist with expertise in all facets of hair design and color, providing services for both editorial and runway events for major New York designers.  Entertainers, celebrities, publicists and New York socialites have Lazarus' number in their phones. 

Asked recently by a notable client what makes Lazarus stand alone, she answered, " He has an innate ability to find the muse in each of his clients and bring out their individual and natural beauty is one of the special attributes!" 

While having achieved so many accolades in his field, he retains an exceptional gentleness and humility that is so extraordinarily refreshing in the competitive world of high fashion.  Douvos, a pet parent to rescued dog Fifi, now calls Manhattan home.